August 21, 2014

Apple Share price falls as iCloud unveiled

There seems to be a feeling that iCloud hasn't met high expectations.

The Apple Share Price fallen by over 1.5% today on the back of a luke-warm reception to new product announcements. One of the main products announced by Apple was ‘iCloud’.

iCloud allows music fans to store up to 20,000 songs on Apple’s ‘cloud’ and download from to any valid device (iOS, Mac or PC) for $25 a year. However, Google offers the ‘Music Beta’ which can stream and store the same amount of songs free of charge. Similarly, Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5GB of free space or 5,000 songs storage for $20 a year.

Pressure is always on for Apple to deliver something truly revolutionary, and it seems the consensus appears to be they have delivered something good but not all that innovative for a change. Already comparison charts are being drawn up against the key competition.

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