August 28, 2014

Goldman Sachs: England has 1.4 percent chance of winning World Cup


England has a 1.4 percent of winning the World Cup according to Goldman Sachs. Utilising a model which takes into account previous results of international teams and their characteristics, the model has predicted the chances of a number of teams winning the World Cup. The forecasts are: Brazil are most likely to win the Cup [...]

AOL CEO fires employee in 1,000 strong conference call


AOL CEO Tim Armstrong sensationally fired an employee in a conference call which had 1,000 people listening in. Armstrong fired the employee as he was taking pictures during the room in which he was delivering the conference call: “Abel, put that camera down right now. Abel, you’re fired. Out.” News Source: DailyMail

One third of investors worried about decisions post RDR


One in three investors are worried about making their own investment decisions according to TD’s Investor Confidence Survey. Stuart Welch, CEO, TD Direct Investing, said: “In these tough economic times when people are trying to save what they can for their future years, it’s not great that people feel worried or nervous when they are [...]

How many millions does it take to be wealthy? Five…


How many millions does it take for a millionaire to classify themselves as wealthy? At least $5 million according to a survey conducted by UBS. A survey conducted on 4,500 investors revealed that they believe $5m makes them feel ‘wealthy’ as there are no ‘constraints on activities’ when they have this amount of money. News [...]

Bad bankers should be subject to jail – report


Bankers who are guilty of ‘reckless misconduct’ should be faced with the prospect of a custodial sentence, according to a 553-page report from the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards (PCBS). The PCBS claim that an overhaul is needed within the industry, especially with respect to a current system that ‘achieved little’. News Source: Sky

RDR is ‘destined to fail miserably’ say campaigners


The Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is set to fail miserably according to SCM’s True and Fair Campaign. SCM believes that the actual results of the RDR will go against its original aims, and investors could face paying more in changes than they currently do so. In a statement, the campaigners noted “The anticipated effect of [...]

New Financial Advice charges revealed, post RDR


A survey of 150 financial firms has revealed the typical financial advice charges that will be levied onto investors by financial firms. The Telegraph reports that it has seen research from a combined effort between Standard Life and Unbiased, that revealed the following charging structures: Initial review cost of £500 Subsequent hourly consultation rate of [...]

Investors prefer phone or online financial advice for half the price


A quarter of investors would prefer financial advice to be given over the phone or online in return for lower charges, the results of a survey from Prudential have revealed. The respective research also shown that nearly 40% of investors would prefer to do their own online fact-finding prior to a financial advice meeting if [...]

People of Britain have £260bn available credit


The people of Britain have a collective £260 billion of available credit according to the results of new research published by comparison website MoneySupermarket. Their survey highlighted that the average Briton has two credit cards with an allowance near to £7500. However, just over one in five have three or more credit cards, and available [...]

Would you bank over Facebook? Citi asks


Would you ever bank on Facebook if it was a possibility? Citibank has posted a teasing message on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook regarding this possibility. As one would expect, the probing question resulted in strong reaction, however a large number of comments were skewed towards security fears according to itweb. With mobile-phone [...]