August 28, 2014

CF Woodford Equity Income Fund details revealed

CF Woodford Equity Income Fund

Neil Woodford’s new income fund is due to launch on June 2nd.

Details of the CF Woodford Equity Income Fund have been revealed, the new fund from Neil Woodford with a launch day of June 2nd.

Woodford Investment Management confirmed that the fund will utilise Woodford’s renowned investment strategy with a focus on selecting companies with ‘sustained dividend growth’.

Woodford added that his ‘passion and energy have never been stronger’ and he will adapt his accustomed philosophy and same long-term approach as he had when running his fund at Invesco Perpetual previously.

Most investors will be subject to an annual cost of 0.75pc when investing in the fund, however some will be subject to lower charges.

Woodford Investment Management also confirmed that this fee will include the running expense of the fund as well as the the fund company’s fee, rather than separating annual management charges and total expense ratios.

The official website for the new fund emphasises the long-term approach of the new CF Woodford Equity Income Fund and aim for a growing income stream paid quarterly.

In a statement on its website, the company stated that it would urge investors to buy from execution only platforms and financial advice channels, rather than buy the fund directly from the provider.

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