August 28, 2014

Goldman Sachs: England has 1.4 percent chance of winning World Cup

England has a 1.4 percent of winning the World Cup according to Goldman Sachs. Utilising a model which takes into account previous results of international teams and their characteristics, the model has predicted the chances of a number of teams winning the World Cup. The forecasts are:

  1. Brazil are most likely to win the Cup with a 48.5 percent chance
  2. Argentina has a 14.1 percent chance of lifting the trophy
  3. England has a mere 1.4 percent chance of winning the cup.

The authors of the research from Goldman Sachs stated:

“Since its sole World Cup victory in 1966, English fans have suffered almost 50 years of continual disappointment. What is unusual about the lead-up to this World Cup is that the views of English and non-English are very closely aligned regarding the prospects for the England team: pretty much everybody agrees that England will do badly.”

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