August 23, 2014


MINTs have been referred to by Fidelity International as Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. During April 2011, Fidelity expressed optimism that these MINTs (Emerging Markets) could offer the next big opportunity for investors following BRICs. Their reasons for a positive outlook on MINTs are discussed below:

Mexico: Mexico is said to feature very high economic exposure to the dominant US economy. Somewhere in the region of 80% of Mexico’s exports find their way to the US and it i expected that as the US continues to recover, the Mexican economy will really blossom. Similarly, there is a large Mexican origin community that live in the US.

Indonesia: Fidelity claims that out of all the ‘MINTs’, Indonesia is most similar to BRICS due to its huge population of 245 million people. This is bigger than Brazil and Russia individually. It is noted that Indonesia’s government has expressed highly ambitious plans to become one of the world’s 10 biggest economies by 2025.

Nigeria: Nigeria is viewed as a country which is at the forefront of the ‘reality’ within African investment opportunities. It possesses the largest African population, and is said to be strongly endowed with a large amounts of natural resources which assist economic growth.

Turkey: It is believed that Turkey is ‘reaping the benefits’ from reforms and policies put into place following its own financial crisis in 2001. Research by Fidelity claims that Turkey’s budgetary and public debt position is ‘significant’ better than many countries that grace the Euro zone.