August 29, 2014

Revealed! The real jobs of The Apprentice stars

Just like investments, the chances of 'picking a winner' are improved with homework.

This year’s series of The Apprentice has really started to get down to business, with Lord Sugar weeding out not just one but two candidates last week. But just like investments, the chances of ‘picking a winner’ can be improved when you do your homework. And Investoo has done just that on a number of the most popular remaining Apprentice candidates:

Susan Ma- Following the completion of a degree in BA Philosophy and Economics, Susan Ma worked at Citigroup as a sales and trading intern. During University she also ran Tropic Skin Care LTD (and apparently continues to do so.) The premise of her business is to “send your Skin to Paradise with Tropic’s 100% purely plant derived Skin Care range.”

Helen Milligan – Following a degree from De Montfort in Law (2:1), Helen worked as a Business Development Support    Manager at BB’s Coffe and Muffins. Most recently she acts as an executive assistant to the CEO following a spell as a regional manager for Gregg’s in the Midlands.

Edna Agbarha – An experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 14 years experience (across a variety of sectors, industries and countries). Edna has had a great deal of experience within recruitment including at psychometric test provider SHL. For the past four years she has been an independent consultant at Agbarha consulting (which one would assume is her business.

Melody Hossaini – Following a 2:1 degree in Law from Oxford Brookes University, Melody has launched Inspire International. This is a ‘global social enterprise’ which aims to improve the lives of children and young people generally across the globe. The key services offered by the business typically include public speaking and skills and development training.

Tom Pellerau – Tom achieved a 1st class degree as well as a masters in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation. His ambition has always been to be an inventor and this is reflected by his continued approach to product development. Some of his inventions to date have included; The Stylfile (a curved nail file), an Ethical Goods brand that connects brands with relevant charities, Mode Diagnostics (Bowel cancer screening tool), Babisil (first collapsible silicon baby bottle) and the Amadeous acoustic screen for musicians.

Glenn Ward – The mastermind behind ‘Catsize’, graduated with a first class degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Huddersfield. Since his degree, he has been employed for five years at Cadac Holding LTD, who produce live sound mixing consoles. Ward claims specialist knowledge across the likes of VHDL, Java and Android 2.1.


Who is the right candidate to go into business with Lord Sugar?

Who is the right candidate to go into business with Lord Sugar and land the £250k investment? Out of all the above, it is difficult to pick a worthy winner (there are other candidates too). The reason being is that the majority have not shown anything on a grand business scale, just small glimpses. Some such as Melody and Susan have tried their own small ventures, while others such as Helen and Glenn have formed healthy careers but nothing exceptional.

Based on the evidence presented, Tom Pellerau looks to be a potential winner in comparison to the competition. His work ethic to date and eagerness to invent and make new things a success is something that the other candidates appear to lack, at least on paper. However, Tom is facing a big obstacle, and that is that he simply has to make his voice heard on the show. We’ve already seen that he picks up on key points, but fails to present them effectively to the group which could be his big downfall. If he boosts up his assertiveness and confidence levels, he really could be the one to watch. One must also remember that this is a TV show! We must also remember that the purpose of this show is for Lord Sugar to find someone to go into business with directly, not just provide them with a well paid job!

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