Angel networks in your area

If you are new to angel investing, you may find it useful to join a Business Angel Network, some having a specific regional focus, others working more nationally. These will provide you with an opportunity to see an ongoing supply of selected investment propositions. Business Angel networks usually have a ‘gatekeeper’ that selects the initial deals and presents them to the investor network members.

The Gatekeeper who is an experienced individual receives often around 500-1000 business plans per year; assesses and filters these down, generally meeting around 150-200 entrepreneurs, and subsequently decides which propositions should be presented to the investors, but does not get engaged in the deal process or give investment advice.

Business Angel networks run a regular programme of pitching events where the investors can see the selected business propositions  and where the entrepreneurs receive advice and support with preparing their pitch. These events offer an opportunity to see pitches, meet and talk to the entrepreneurs and interact with fellow investors. Investor members can then decide if they wish to invest either alone within the network or as part of a syndicate of high net worth/sophisticated individuals taking their own individual decision.

There are many angel networks operating around the UK, many of these are members of the BBAA. CLICK HERE for information on Angel networks in your area and to find out more about their activities, pitching events and membership fees.