Central England Business Angels

Central England Business Angels specialises in bespoke, personalised introductions of equity ready SME’s to pre-identified investors. With over 30 years of experience within the early stage funding market we are sensitive to the frustrations of both the SME and the investor of the overload of incompatible introductions. We have also seen too many SME’s fail in their search for funding due to lack of qualified coaching and preparation prior to their approach to investors. CEBA has both legal and corporate finance qualifications within the company, which, supported by the extensive experience dealing with SME’s and Angels, best places CEBA as a key partner within the investment market.  

To assure the highest potential for funding success, CEBA reviews all business plans to identify risk and shareholder value, and then works with the company to prepare them for investor introductions. SME’s must recognise the funding market is very small, most companies will only have one, possibly two, opportunities before they are considered to be unfundable. Qualified, knowledgeable assistance from CEBA will help assure the proposition attracts maximum attention from Angels.

The new and improved EIS / SEIS tax benefits are attracting new Angels to CEBA. Angel investing is not for the light hearted, and with this in mind, CEBA works closely with investors to help them to identify a best match investment. We will team new Angels with those more experienced, providing a level of confidence and a comfort zone when making the first investments.

Central England Business Angels investment range is £100K to £500K, working with all business sectors, and with both seed and early stage opportunities. CEBA manages an investor syndicate that meets monthly, as well as managing an Arch Angel Group for specifically identified opportunities.  All propositions are personally matched to individual Angel profiles. We make a commitment that all Angels are pre-qualified prior to joining CEBA, which assures the Angels that the person they are sitting next to has the same motivation to invest. It assures the SME that they are not wasting time presenting to “job seekers”. CEBA does encourage alliance partnerships with associates, but separates these relationships from investments.