IBA Membership

The IBA exists to represent the UK early stage investment community. We perform a number of roles which include:

  • Promoting angel and venture capital as smart money and the primary mechanism for fast growth businesses to fund their capital requirements;
  • Facilitating contact and the exchange of best practice and experience between angel groups, VCs and other sources of early stage funding through networking events and regular communication with our membership;
  • Having an agreed code of conduct for all Members to promote best practice and transparency across the industry;
  • Engaging in regular dialogue with Government, opinion formers and leaders at a national level to help shape policy for the benefit of the industry.

Today the IBA represents the vast majority of business angel networks across the UK, a growing VC membership that recognises the importance of connecting with the early stage community, and a large number professional service providers and advisors including accountancy and law firms, corporate finance, banks, RDAs, universities and public policy-makers.

We welcome all organisations who are interested in the early stage investment market to become members of the IBA. From 2011 we now actively welcome individual investors and small syndicates to join the UK's early stage investment trade body and become an active part of our community. IBA has four categories of membership - Please click on the category that best suits you to find out more:

Angel Networks

IBA represents and supports the vast majority of Angel Networks in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, who actively connect early stage businesses with investment.

Individual Investors & Syndicates

NEW FOR 2011: IBA membership is now open to individual investors and unstructured groups (syndicates) of investors, as part of IBA’s strategy to represent all participants in the early stage investment marketplace.

Early Stage VC Funds

The IBA has a growing membership of active early stage Venture Capital Funds who predominantly operate in the sub £2m equity space.

Professional Service Providers

Relevant organisations include corporate financiers, solicitors, accountants, advisors, and other relevant professionals and intermediaries, who are actively operating in the business angel and SME investment market.