BBAA Individual Investor & Syndicate Membership

BBAA is pleased to announce that as part of BBAA’s ongoing strategy to represent all participants in the early stage investment marketplace, individual Angel Investors and small groups of investors are now invited to become Members of the industry trade association with a specially designed range of benefits, including special discounts for participation in BBAA's activities.

Membership Benefits

  • Representation at National and International Level.
    The BBAA exists to represent the best interests of its membership and the industry as a whole. Through our high level connections with Government and Whitehall as well as other industry associations, we lobby government on behalf of the early stage investment community over key issues relevant to the early stage market. This includes the recent favourable increase in EIS relief from 20% to 30%. The BBAA is well positioned to ensure that the voice of early stage industry is heard and acted upon, but our discussions carry ever greater weight as our community continues to grow. BBAA is also a founding member of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), and World Business Angels Association (WBAA), representing the interests of the UK angel community worldwide.
  • Networking Opportunities and Events
    The BBAA holds a number of high profile industry events throughout the year, including the BBAA Winter Workshop, BBAA National Summit and Awards Dinner. Members benefit from significantly reduced rates to these events, more than offsetting the cost of your annual member fee.
  • Receive and Contribute to BBAA’s Newsletter
    Members may contribute articles to BBAA’s respected and widely read industry newsletter.
  • Participation in and Privileged access to BBAA’s research and toolkits
    BBAA is committed to sharing market intelligence and best practice. BBAA’s research is provided to government and stakeholders and is central to our lobbying for the continuation of government’s support including tax relief for angel investors. Your contributions further enable our research’s validity.
  • Committee Participation.
    The BBAA’s structure allows members the opportunity to join one of BBAA’s committees (by invitation only). Your participation can actively influence BBAA’s development and strategy, and positively contribute to BBAA’s lobby to government.
  • Opportunity to join BBAA’s Board as a co-opted director.
    By invitation only.

Cost of Membership

  • Individuals: £95 (inc VAT) per year
  • Groups/Syndicates: Discounts are available for 3 or more investors wishing to join BBAA. Please contact us at with your requirements and we will prepare a proposal.

To become a member the individual/group applying must:

  • Complete the appropriate application form and questionnaire;
  • Pay the annual subscription, as advised, to BBAA;
  • Sign a declaration confirming that you are a high net worth/sophisticated investor;
  • Agree to abide by the BBAA’s Code of Conduct;
  • Participate in BBAA’s annual collection of angel market statistics;
  • Not use your membership of BBAA as an endorsement of your business/investment activities.

Please Note:

BBAA does not provide investment deal flow to its investor members. BBAA’s Member Angel Networks operating on a local or national basis provide access to both selected deal flow and networking with other investors. In addition, many offer equity investment training. One-off guest invitations to attend investment pitching events or other angel events are offered by most networks. Local events are listed on our member events page. Please visit our angel network directory for further information about our member networks.

Next Steps:

If you would like more information about BBAA membership please download the below application form, or contact for further information.