Connect London

Connect London is part of the Connect Global Network of 40 organisations following the successful Connect San Diego model assisting entrepreneurs with high growth business ideas to succeed. Connect was highlighted by Lord Sainsbury in his "Race to the Top" report as a Best Practice example that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to raise investment.

Connect London Champions (CLC) is Connect’s Angel Network of individual investors that provide investment and business mentoring support to Connect London clients. Champions offer conventional angel funding, business mentoring and can also help clients progress by taking on the role of "Knowledge Angels" where they initially allocate their time to the high-growth business in exchange for equity shares, rather than cash. Knowledge Angel backed businesses have successfully raised large amounts of investment, as Knowledge Angels significantly strengthen the management teams’ ability to rapidly grow the business.

Connect welcomes enquires from entrepreneurs who need financial and business support to take their high-growth projects ahead. Support is also delivered via Connect’s "Springboard" programme underwritten by a number of public and private sector business support organisations; Funding Advice, Angel Equity Investments; Networking and Showcasing.