FSE Group

The FSE Group operates the FSE Group Investor Network (incorporating SECA, ECA, Incito) to enable private investment into quality high growth companies. Currently there are around 250 active investors. Investor Forums are held, at various locations, (London, Oxford, Camberley, Cambridge and Ipswich) throughout the year and showcase between four and six companies on each occasion.

For investors

Investors have access to a regular flow of good quality opportunities (approximately 50 in a 12 month period) through email notifications, access to the members’ area of the web site and by attending our regular presentation events. We ensure that our deals are ‘investment and deal ready’ before presentation. Uniquely, if there is a group of interested investors we can also help co-ordinate the group with our deal completion service using our skilled fund managers – thereby reducing the cost and time it takes to close a deal. Cost of membership is £150.00 p.a. Investor registration form.

For client companies

FSE will only select companies that have, in our view, a reasonable chance of successfully raising funding. Very importantly we will make sure our client’s proposition is ‘deal ready’ and then market it to potential investors. There are four stages to this process;

Stage 1: Deal evaluation
Stage 2: Deal preparation & presentation
Stage 3: Marketing the opportunity
Stage 4: Raising finance and closing the funding

Our process will ensure that our clients have the best opportunity of being successful and that funding is closed as quickly as possible with the minimum of effort.

The entry point in to this process is to complete a two page profile form (available for download from our website. We will evaluate your opportunity and if appropriate invite you into our selection process.