Gill Jennings & Every

Gill Jennings & Every LLP is one of the very few specialist firms top-ranked by all three IP market endorsers. We're over 100 strong and in 2012, 100 years old (an Olympic celebration!). Rather than rest on ttorney tradition, we have a progressive and very business-minded approach to IP advice (patents, designs, trade marks/brands etc). We do about half our work with UK organisations and entrepreneurs including Universities/spin-outs, early stage/SMEs, investors and household names. The other half is for multi-nationals and law firms in the US, Japan, rest of Europe etc.

For early stage, tech and R&D-led businesses we do a lot of hand-holding. People know IP is critical but often don't fully understand how IP can work for them to boost and protect the value of their business (we work with both companies and investors on this). So our starting point is understanding the business itself and the aims of the owner or investor. We help integrate IP into their business plan and develop the right cost-effective strategies (including around exits). Increasingly we provide expertise and tools for IP audits, due diligence, "investor readiness", high-value patent spect, valuation etc. Often we don't charge anything for initial discussions preferring to invest in the relationship when funding is tight and give clear, informal guidance on what's really needed upfront (not always the same as people's first assumptions!).

But our issue is timing! How to engage and help the right people at the right time. That's where we need your help. Identifying people early on in the journey who would benefit from good pragmatic advice before mistakes are made; helping them through the IP maze right from the beginning and sticking with them to help them grow and protect their value in the UK and internationally. There may also be people who aren't totally delighted with their current attorneys - if they are not very commercial, pro-active, good value, strategic, deeply technical when required etc.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and questions.