Inngot is a new online service ( which helps organisations to make the most of their intellectual property (“IP”). It works by providing tools to analyse and record all the different “intellectual assets” a company owns: not just registered IP like patents, but associated intangibles such as trade secrets, proprietary processes, customer contracts and many others.

Once these assets have been defined, they are loaded onto a searchable “innovation directory” which is open to all Inngot users. They can also be valued using Sollomon, an indicative methodology developed by Inngot with specialist input from business advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP. The valuation combines a relief from royalty method with sophisticated decision tree modelling to assess future cash flows.

Sollomon indicative valuations are delivered in report form and provide a concise presentation of the assets the company owns, the markets these address and their current development stage, together with historical and projected earnings and related expenditure figures as well as the valuation itself. They also include information on important governance aspects, forming a very useful basis for “filtering” and subsequent due diligence enquiries.

Inngot can assist businesses looking for investment, investors and angel networks. It helps businesses to articulate their IP and related intangibles and to assess the current worth of their company. It provides investors with a standardised approach to evaluate a diverse range of business opportunities and facilitates deal flow by providing a consistent yardstick, supporting the work of angel networks through enhanced investment readiness.

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