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Pera Technology is an international research and technology group, supporting industry in creating groundbreaking innovative products and processes across all market sectors. We are recognised by Government and industry alike as one of Europe’s most effective business support organisations, and with a policy not to hold intellectual property, we attract thousands of companies every year to seek our advice when attempting to innovate their products and processes or analyse their technology and the state of the art.

Many of these companies benefit from our position as one of the most successful and effective R&D grant acquisition and project delivery support organisations in Europe, with typical publicly funded projects ranging between €1m and €5m, producing products worth £20 billion in the last 5 years.

Our project managers, business analysts, industrial designers, manufacturing engineers & technologists are able to create a powerful blend of skills and expertise, proven by our ability to create successful products for our clients.

Our work with companies in sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Healthcare, White Goods and Construction provides us with a rare cross-sectoral perspective. We complement this with a global perspective, which uses our network of technology and industry experts in Partners around the world to provide up-to-date intelligence and capabilities in global technological developments, offering a unique international and cross-technology perspective.

Dr Mark Wareing

Director Research Institutes


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19 January 2012