Rennaisance Capital Partners

Renaissance Capital Partners Limited (‘RCP’) is an investment company currently managing an initial private fund of £5M and has created a well balanced, diversified portfolio. This portfolio includes (but is not limited to) investments in established ‘Group’ companies, private company investments from start-ups to high quality, high growth SMEs, listed equities (in high growth and recovery situations), distressed corporate debt, real estate, foreign exchange, commodities and special purpose vehicles.

RCP invests in both an active and passive manner, RCP looks at investments from all industries and has a business philosophy rooted in entrepreneurship and follows an ethical approach to investment.

RCP is supported by their sister company RCP Incubation Services Limited, who provide back office solutions and help add-value to group companies. RCP also has links with a wealth of financial market contacts and a large investment network. RCP has a longer term objective of registering an entity as an FSA approved entity after achieving a three-to-four year track record of investment management.