28 November 2011

NI has always punched above its weight in golf, but despite the recent golfing successes of Padraig Harrington and Darren Clarke, the only Irishman to have won the Open was Fred Daly in 1947. His name lives on amongst Northern Ireland’s golfers – but did you know that he didn’t just play the game, he was heavily involved in the design and development of the clubs he used – and which carried his name?

Now his son Robin, a former golf professional himself, is carrying on this tradition. Robin founded Daly Golf and designed a unique new putter which is already causing ripples across the golfing world. Indeed the distinctive design has seen the product become known in golfing circles as the ‘peanut putter’.

The company has just received funding through Halo, the NI business angel network along with significant marketing expertise from the investing angels.

New golf technologies are closely regulated, but Daly have been accredited as a manufacturer on the European Tour since 2009 and have built customised putters for over 40 tour players including Vijay Singh, Darren Clarke and Simon Dyson. Tour players using Daly putters have achieved a top ten finish already and the first tour win can’t be too far away.

Daly Golf is now growing and well positioned to sell internationally especially via www.dalygolf.com

As Robin says  “We can't sell you a better score, but we can and do produce the equipment that allows you to find it yourself!”