Innovate News Update April 2011

6 April 2011

Innovate Product Design is shaking up the lengthy traditional way an invention is developed by seeing both patent agents and product designers working together for the first time under one roof, right from the inception of a project through development. This greatly reduces the time it takes to launch a new product and see it reach market.

It is unusual for these two professions to work together in this way to assist individuals, but by doing so, Innovate Product Design is able to make the journey more cost-effective and efficient.  Consequently, potential infringement can be avoided at the initial development stage and patentable elements can be established early on in the process, providing a better chance of success for a product.

Innovate have been trialing this innovative approach for the last 6 months and some amazing projects in the pipeline are already benefitting from this new service. Due to the fast turnaround time, and the benefits of having everything handled simultaneously, costs can be kept to a minimum for the individual inventor. This radically challenges the eternal debate of whether a new product idea should be developed prior to or post patent application.

In light of this new approach, earlier this year Innovate launched a Product Marketing Advisory Service to provide a more hands-on approach to marketing, for clients. Although still maintaining the belief that the client is the ultimate choice to pitch a new business concept, this tailored service allows for assistance with opening doors, pitch development, funding, manufacturing advice and business plan support, amongst other things. As such, Innovate are currently setting up links with companies that can help further client’s projects by providing assistance at the start-up stage, as they build their businesses. This support service is set to expand as the year progresses, in line with Innovate’s new approach to invention development.