LBA Angels close £230k seed angel funding into Momentum Bioscience Limited

5 September 2011

Early Stage Reading based Medtech company Momentum Bioscience Limited which is Chaired by David Evans, AIM Chairman of the year in 2009, has successfully closed a £230k round, including £180k from LBA investors. Momentum Bioscience also becomes the second investment made by the LBA EIS RoundTable Syndicate Fund 2011. The Company is developing a novel and innovative approach for the rapid detection of infection in blood and other normally sterile body fluids and unlike other rapid methods Momentum’s technology detects all living bacteria and fungi.

The funding which also included significant investment from management will be used to put its prototype products through clinical trials prior to completing product development and launch.

Anthony Clarke, Managing Director of LBA, comments:

“I am impressed with the company’s products for rapid detection of infection in the hospital microbiology laboratory that produces results in just 2 hours compared to the usual 1-5 days using standard detection methods. An LBA syndicate of five angel investors was joined by our LBA EIS Roundtable Syndicate Fund who also invested £80k of seed investment.”

The Company has a highly experienced management team who are well placed to exploit this exciting opportunity.

For further information and enquiries:

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