Minerva run their first webcast investment presentation for Genesis Technical Systems

22 May 2012

Minerva Business Angel Network part of The University of Warwick Science Park were delighted to successfully run their first web cast Investment presentation for Genesis Technical Systems to Minerva’s large database of members and other existing investors in Genesis TS.  

The need for high speed broadband remains an urgent requirement and is high on the agendas of Government, business, public authorities in the UK and in around the world as they face the challenge of trying to solve the problem quickly but without spending vast sums on Fibre.

This presents significant opportunities for the Genesis Technical System DSL Rings solution that provides up to 400 Mb/s of bandwidth over existing copper telecom infrastructure to rural and urban customers at a very low cost.

In the next few months GTS will have product available for agreed field trials with early adopters of the technology as they work towards full commercialisation and profitability in 2013.

The Web cast presented an opportunity to invest in Genesis in the last round before commercialisation. Ian Mackenzie Chairman said “Since the presentation we have had some great feedback from existing investors who enjoyed watching it live or later at a time to suit them – it is certainly an effective way of communicating to our large group of shareholders”.

It was a first for the Minerva team and a first opportunity to see the Genesis TS opportunity for many members quite a few of whom are spread around the UK and abroad. It is definitely something Minerva will be doing again.

If any BBAA member would like more details on Genesis please contact Tim Powell of Minerva on tim.powell@uwsp.co.uk.

Minerva’s next monthly Investor meetings at University of Warwick Science Park are on May 29th and June 12th, and with their Wolverhampton Science Park group on May 31st and at Malvern Hills Science Park on June 14th