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What does BBAA Do?

The British Business Angels Association (BBAA) is the new National Trade Association for the UK’s Business Angel Networks and its Associates and Affiliates.  It has evolved from National Business Angel Network (NBAN) and is backed by the DTI and is sponsored by Nesta and Kingston Smith.

The BBAA has a number of roles that include:

  • Promoting business angel finance as a normal way for new and high growth potential businesses to fund their risk capital requirements.

  • Having an agreed code of conduct for all Members to promote best practice and transparency across the industry.

  • Encouraging contact and the exchange of experience and ideas between Business Angel Groups.

  • Representing Business Angel groups at a national and governmental level, and on their behalf undertake lobbying and similar activities.
The BBAA Articles and Memorandum will give you a clearer idea about our aims.

How is BBAA Run?
BBAA is a member led and run Trade Association. It has a flexible, straightforward, corporate structure that reflects the specific needs and desires of its members. In line with this it has now established a new corporate structure for the BBAA, which is simple and leaves room for it to be adapted to the specific needs and desires of its members.

On the 7th June 2005 BBAA held their first AGM at this meeting the members of BBAA voted for its board. There are currently ten BBAA board members: Anthony Clarke (Chairman), Anthony Collinson, Christopher Fogg, John Goodger, Ken Cooper, Mark White, Martin Carr, Oliver Woolley, Paul Gardner and Sally Goodsell. A biography of each of the board members can be found here. Of these eight have been voted for by the members and two Ken Cooper of the DTI and Mark White of Nesta have been co-opted.

Each year Full BBAA members are given the opportunity to appoint their own board. It will be the board’s role to drive the BBAA’s future strategy and direction. However, within the board there is an executive committee who have more hands on contact with the running of BBAA. Currently the Executive Committee is comprised of Anthony Clarke, Anthony Collinson, Oliver Woolley and Paul Gardner.

Who are our members?
BBAA’s Full Members are formally structured or constituted business angel group, network or syndicate, which have an active involvement in the SME investment market. All Full Members must agree to abide by the BBAA Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure. Before organisations can become a member of BBAA they must have two full members of BBAA to sponsor their application.

BBAA has Full Members from across the United Kingdom, a list of these can be found in the Full Members Directory.

BBAA also have a number of Associates, these are organisations other than business angel groups who have evident interest in the business angel and SME investment market, these organisations includes corporate financiers, academics, solicitors, accountants, venture capitalists and other relevant professionals and intermediaries. A directory of BBAA’s Associates can be found in the Associates Directory.

Who are our sponsors?

BBAA currenly has two sponsors Nesta and Kingston Smith. BBAA is also supported by the DTI/SBS.

Contact Us
If you would like further information or have any questions regarding BBAA please do not hesitate to contact us:

Liz Carrington
5th Floor
52 – 54 Southwark Street
Tel: 0207 089 2305
Fax: 0207 089 2301
E-mail: liz@bbaa.org.uk