BBAA National Award Winners 2011

Angel-VC Investment of the Year

Winner: ELONICS - Investors: Scottish Equity Partners with Octopus

The judges felt that the scale of the transaction and the level of contribution from the Angels was an excellent demonstration of Angels and VCs working together to conclude a major funding round. We believe that co-operation of this type represents the future for early stage technology funding.

Angel Mobile Investment of the Year

Winner: ipadio - Investors: London Business Angels and LBA EIS RoundTable Fund

With the ability to link a telephone call from any telephone, anywhere in the world to a website,the Judges felt that this was a highly innovative concept and technology offering and could become the new ‘Skype’. Ipadio provides a substantial growth opportunity, having gained strong traction with several referenceable blue chip customers. It combines strong financial performance with a highly attractive revenue model and strong execution from Management

Angel Med Tech-Healthcare Investment of the Year

sponsored by xénos

Winner: Fertility Focus - Investors: Envestors & Midven

The judges felt that Fertility Focus has demonstrated the capability to halve the time and cost in the growing market of female infertility which could be transformative. Moreover the angel investment has encouraged not only parallel VC investment, but also corporate investment from a partner who will aid access to the important US market.

Angel Clean Tech Investment of the Year

Sponsored by Lloyds TSB Commercial

Winner: Syrinix - Investors: London Business Angels and LBA EIS RoundTable Fund

Syrinix impressed the Judges with their approach to the water market and the fact they are already securing orders. With advances in technology — sophisticated sensor networks, smart metering and analytics, Syrinix enables water companies to be smarter about how they manage mains supplies and prevent leakages. Syrinix is a viable business in a growth market.

Angel Social Impact Investment of the Year

Sponsored by UnLtd and the Social Impact Co-Investment Fund

Winner: Panahpur Foundation (James Perry) - Nominated by Charity Bank, Finance South East; Resonance Fund and Fair Finance

The judges noted that this was a very competitive category, and this is an encouraging sign for the future involvement of Angels in social investing. James Perry with the Panahpur Foundation demonstrated personal commitment, drive and professionalism in creating a vehicle which could have profound long term benefits to social investing

Early Stage Team of the Year

Sponsored by Angel Capital Group

Winner: Northstar Ventures

The judges felt that Northstar has been instrumental in making investments and raising funds across a number of stages and sectors in an extremely challenging environment. They demonstrate the point perfectly that in the future fund managers themselves will have to be every bit as entrepreneurial as the companies in which they invest

Angel Investor of the Year

Sponsored by City of London Corporation

Winner: Dale Murray

The judges felt that Dale represents a new breed of Angel investors; bringing personal experience of building and successfully exiting a start up business and international investment expertise, having personally invested £1m to date in a variety of technology/product sectorsand able to tailor her input to the differing needs of investee companies whilst playing a key ambassadorial role for female Angel investors.

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