Go Beyond, 2nd and 3rd quarter deals done

24 July 2012

In the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2012, Go Beyond ramped up its investment portfolio with a total of 6 additional companies who have benefited from funds received via our Groups (located in Paris, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich) and international GB Network (GBN) of investors, following extensive due diligence and angel mentoring. These investments bring our total investment portfolio of companies (including multiple rounds) to 21 since the company was formed in 2007. 


The recent additions to our portfolio include:



In April 2012 Green games company, MiniMonos – the first enterprise to ‘graduate’ from last summer’s Springboard Cambridge programme – has raised £2m and is ready to put down permanent roots in the UK. Go Beyond helped this company raise sufficient capital to grow a team in England and focus on that market.


Trinnov Audio SA

On 22 May 2012 Go Beyond was part of a 1.2 million investment in Trinnov Audio SA, a Bry Sur Marne, France-based sound recording devices manufacturer and software developer has received 1.2 million in funding.  Other investors included SAS, Paris Business Angelos, XMP Business Angelis, Trianon Angels, SIRS Business Angels and Calao Finance SAS


Barefoot Power Pty Ltd

In May 2012, Go Beyond’s Groups and GBN members invested in Barefoot Power, a company specialising in providing affordable solar power products to remote rural communities, following extensive due diligence and key mentoring. 


Sensima Technology SA

In June 2012, Go Beyond completed a series A funding round in Sensima, founded in 2008, as a spin-off from EPFL. Sensima has since further developed its technology for magnetic sensors and licensed it to several manufacturers. This financing will enable Sensima to accelerate next generation design of sensor products in cooperation with lead customers as well as market entry.  The new sensors will push key performance features of hall-based angular position sensors by factors and will enable the design of more energy efficient and cost effective electric motors.



In June 2012, Go Beyond invested in Geroco (soon to be renamed EcoWizz), a company based in Martigny, Switzerland that provides solutions for households and SME's in order to understand how they consume and save energy.


Morning Croissant

In July 2012, Go Beyond’s Paris Group invested in MorningCroissant, a website connecting travelers looking for accommodation as well as owners willing to rent out their spare rooms or unused properties.


For more information about us and our portfolio of investments, please visit our website at www.go-beyond.biz