Innovate Product Design help BoginaBag secure a £50,000 investment from the Dragons

8 September 2011

With Series 9 of Dragon’s Den now in full swing, Innovate have embarked on one of the busiest times of the year as a direct result of the shows airing. Putting innovation at the forefront of peak Sunday night viewing has spurred a nation of inventors to put pen to paper in the realisation that it can be possible for the everyman to make headway in the cut-throat business world.

Championing this more than ever this season was Innovate’s very own mum-of-two inventor Kate Castle, with the now infamous BoginaBag®. Kate managed to secure £50,000 of investment from Theo Paphitis in exchange for 30% of her outdoor camping toilet business. Having originally approached Innovate in 2008, looking for assistance in the development of her idea, with our help, Kate managed to successfully design, develop and protect her product which now looks set for a bright future.

Although we cannot yet disclose details, as the series continues Innovate are looking forward to seeing more of our clients enter the Den with the hope of achieving every success that Kate has proved possible.

Although with the current economic climate, we often deal with inventors looking to license out their new products, due to financial constraints, we are hoping that Kate’s success will encourage others to take on manufacture. With more and more investment avenues now available to inventors, Kate has proved that with a commercially viable product and a sound business plan it is possible to get the investment needed to fuel an early stage business.

Clio Davies – Product Marketing Consultant