YABA Launches Mentoring Service

15 December 2010

Knowledge, experience, skills: mentoring matters


YABA launched its mentoring introduction service last year with three quarters of its angel membership expressing an interest in mentoring businesses in the region. This has been matched by a growing interest in angel mentors, as companies have come to recognise the considerable depth of knowledge, skills and experience held by angels in the YABA network.


Businesses that are interested in working with angels - most of whom have extensive hands on business experience - are asked to provide information about their company to YABA. This information is then shared with angels who have expressed an interest in business mentoring.


So far, the scheme is working well. A key example of this is the mentoring arrangement which now exists between James Fell, founder of Kaleton Ltd, and business angel Barney Battles of Balgownie Ventures.


Kaleton is a company providing a whole range of IT and internet services to the residential care home and nursing home sectors, including innovative internet based security cameras and care management software. James had been researching different sources of finance when he came across YABA’s mentoring offer. “I got quite a few replies to my request,” he says. “But I felt Barney was a good fit for us. While I may still need funding at some point in the future, there’s a lot we can do prior to that.”


Good relationships make for healthy mentoring arrangements. Most angels agree that they invest their time, money and expertise in people. Yes, product is important, but the people driving the business are also crucial.


James and Barney meet a couple of times a month and speak on the ‘phone regularly, discussing issues as they arise, with Barney providing advice and guidance as necessary. “Kaleton has carved a great niche for itself,” says Barney. “And James has a driven, ambitious approach to the business – it was a combination of both these factors that made me put myself forward to mentor Kaleton. I think it has a great future ahead of it.”

 For more information about Kaleton Ltd go to www.kaleton.com or to learn more about Balgownie Ventures, www.balgownieventures.com If you’re a business looking for a mentor, or a business angel interested in mentoring but you’re not yet on our mentor register, please do get in touch on 01423 840149 or email Jordana@yaba.org.uk