20 International Speakers and Panellists at BBAA Investment Summit 2011

2 June 2011

We have 20 International Speakers and Panellists set to speak at the BBAA Investment Summit 2011.

To view the events main information page, please visit:

BBAA National Investment Summit, 1 July 2011

( http://www.bbaa.org.uk/bbaa-national-awards-investment-summit-2011/bbaa-national-investment-summit-2011 )

To view the summit day programme, please visit:

Summit Programme

( http://www.bbaa.org.uk/bbaa-national-awards-investment-summit-2011/bbaa-national-investment-summit-2011/summit-programme )

To view the bios of the speakers and panellists lined up for the summit, please visit:

Summit Speakers

( http://www.bbaa.org.uk/bbaa-national-awards-investment-summit-2011/bbaa-national-investment-summit-2011/summit-speakers )